Guarantee Statement

Safe is better!
To assure outstanding quality of Astar product range, all products are produced under strict quality control norms. Our quality criteria base is formed by each OEM product and current ISO & DIN norms (i.e. DIN 33870/33871) in printing supplies field.

With your Astar product you automatically obtain guarantee for the period of 30 months starting from production date. The guarantee is provided to ensure full functionality upon appropriate use. Excluded are defects particularly caused by misoperation or inappropriate use. Also excluded are defects caused by poor maintenance and service, as well as the wear of consumables upon operating cycle completion. Handling of printer as well as producer's maintenance and cleaning instructions, given to ensure full functionality, vary from printer to printer. If  you have any questions regarding a problem case, we suggest contacting your Astar supplier at first, to prevent taking avoidable costs due to unnecessary technical service.

In order to solve the case hassle free, please use the "Safe is better" form provided by your Astar supplier. The case can be processed only with the complete disposal of the data. To avoid misunderstandings and delays, arrange for your technicians to fill in the form.

Do not hesitate to contact your Astar supplier for assistance on settling the case.

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